Orthodontics in
South Holland

Orthodontic treatment allows you to achieve perfectly aligned teeth. You are never too old to treat yourself to a perfect smile!

Orthodontics in South Holland

We offer our patients a variety of orthodontic treatments:

  • Traditional Metal Braces – These are the oldest and still the most common type of braces. Made of stainless-steel metal clasps and wires, these braces are fixed on top of the teeth, and they slowly move them into the correct position.
  • Self-Ligating Braces – Though like traditional braces, these braces avoid elastic and hence cause less friction between the teeth. A clip in the wire helps the teeth move into the desired position.
  • Ceramic Braces – These aesthetic braces are less noticeable as the brackets are clear. Those who are self-conscious may prefer these to traditional braces. They do take more time than traditional braces to be effective and are more fragile. They are also more expensive.
  • Clear Aligners – These virtually invisible, removable trays are used to align your teeth. They are hardly noticeable and can be taken off while eating and drinking, hence, are easy to maintain.

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Elena H.

Just got my teeth whitened and super satisfied with the results! Quick 4 minute session and a noticeably whiter smile!

Gary H.

Very professional and friendly office. They make you feel like family.

Myketa H.

Dr. Raj is very professional and accommodating. We have a large family and he always makes sure that we can all be seen on the same day. His dental assistant as well as his receptionist are also very friendly and helpful.
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Dr. Raj Khurana is committed to continually updating his skills, taking exhaustive continuing education.

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