Where to Run in Case of Dental Emergency? – South Holland, IL

People call the doctor when they are sick. Are you battling with red, angry pimples? It’s time to contact a dermatologist then! But when it comes to dental emergencies, you only need two people: your courageous self and the dentist.

It is not impossible for a person to encounter dental misfortunes. Daily habits like biting on hard candies can leave you with a cracked tooth. If you are an athlete, you should expect mouth injuries, especially with the absence of a mouthguard. Being careless could cause a person to lose their dental crowns or any other prostheses. The only thing that is certain is that you got our help! We at Dental Care 4U literally cares for you – whether you need treatments for your smile imperfections or assistance for your oral concerns. You can rely on our practice if your dental health needs attention.

Severe Toothache

Common Dental Emergencies

The first thing that you should do upon experiencing dental mishaps is to call us at Dental Care 4U. We cater to different dental emergencies like these below:

Painful tooth due to an infection

There is nothing more irritating than having to cancel your supposed movie date with friends because of a toothache. When a tooth gets infected, expect excruciating pain afterward. While it may seem helpful to treat the issue yourself, don’t attempt. Only the dentist can handle the condition effectively. They can perform a root canal therapy or an extraction depending on the extent of the infection.

Fall Out Tooth

Picture this out: you are comfortably sitting on the bench while watching your crush play with full energy inside the court. When the opponent passed the ball to the other player, it bypasses them, and the hard, big basketball went straight into your face. Two of your teeth start to loosen; the other tooth completely comes off. Don’t panic. Go home, rinse the knocked out tooth with water or milk, and store it safely inside your cheek. Once done, see us at Dental Care 4U. We will help you recover your dislodged tooth.

Cracked Pearly White

We can’t blame you after cracking a tooth due to the consumption of frozen choco bars. They are the sweetest thing on earth; that is why many people, especially children, are tempted to munch the treat almost every day. But in case you crack a tooth, it is better to contact the dentist right away. The condition may aggravate teeth sensitivity which will worsen over time if left unattended.

Erase “panic” in your vocabulary! Dental Care 4U is always ready to attend to your dental concerns! We have Emergency Dental Care Services in South Holland, IL in case you need urgent dental care.